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MOF Malaysia 2016-2018

2016, 2017 and 2018 Coach, Grow and Go Global Program

Prestige Atlantic Asia designs, builds architecture, develops and owns Intelligent products such as the CPS/Enterprise, PMIX/3, CPS Mini Box, e-Green and Retail Expert. These vertical solutions are highly specialized and form the core ICT solution for the paper and packaging industry. Currently, the company is embarking on many overseas expansion programs, especially across ASEAN region.

MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) being the governor for the Prestige Atlantic Asia MSC status account has been helpful with our development and progress, especially at the time when we were on a quest to go global. We were hand-picked to join the Go Global Coaching program funded by MOF Malaysia.

MOF Malaysia aims to groom, grow and invest in companies like Prestige Atlantic Asia to be the driving force behind the Malaysia’s digital economy for domestic and international markets.

The Coaching program’s value propositions:

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