Waste Collection ERP

Enterprise solution for paper waste collectors. Cost-cutting. Easy to operate.

e-Green is an all-in-one solution to provide real-time connection of all outlets to a centralised system. It delivers on-time accounting and management reports. Manages to buy and sell operations just as well. Upgrades are constant to improve operations. So, you have peace of mind when it comes to managing your upgrades for a new Industry 4.0 era.

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You may be familiar with different systems for different uses and functionality that doesn't function well altogether.

  • You may have different software for frontend and backend management.
  • You may have software that is old with hard to handle GUI.
  • You may be aware that Industry 4.0 will be a very different way of handling your operations.
  • You may be worried whether you will survive when new companies are utilising new AI and sophisticated software to manage their operations to make their companies far ahead of the competition.


Prestige Atlantic Asia is here to solve issues related to transitioning into Industry 4.0. We integrate everything needed to handle your operations with all the necessary components for your operations.

  • We have centralised management software to handle all your operations in real-time.
  • We prepare your front end to manage purchase, sales and inventory with weight bridge integration.
  • We provide full pricing control integration with your back end.
  • We ensure all your finances are taken care of in the back end with comprehensive management reporting tools.

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