Paper Mills ERP

A fully integrated business software for paper mills manufacturers. Future-proofed with Industry 4.0 features.

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As we enter a whole new era called Industry 4.0, many factories will have to upgrade their software to meet the challenges on the horizon.

  • Having too much software for different purposes without proper integration.
  • Processes and protocols that slow down the process of management and manufacturing.
  • Lack of Industry 4.0 capabilities, including the use of AI, robots and drones.
  • Not having any idea how to have a system that is continuously improved.


With Prestige Atlantic Asia and its ERP IT solutions, the paper mill industry will run better with its software.

  • Future-proofed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0.
  • Each year, constant updates add modules and functions that have not been available before.
  • Modules that involve AI, AGV, RF Mobility, drones and robots to speed up manufacturing and delivery are available.
  • Software that is an all-in-one package to handle all operations of your business with peace of mind and cost reduction.

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