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Semi-finished paper products come in many variables such as type, substance, size, class, quality defects, etc. PMIX/3 is an easy and fast way to book inventory and process customer orders.


A fully integrated business software for paper mills manufacturers.

System Management

A centralized management control that monitors and manages from A-Z.

Sales Management

Track and monitor sales order, shipment note, credit check to ensure customer creditability. Control customer selling pricing and quality criteria such paper break, paper mill machine, etc.

Warehouse Management

Integration with paper mills and rewinder with real-time weight input from weight scale. Incorporated with Auto ID to track inventory real-time using mobile computer + scanner. Take care of Picking List, invoice, export invoice, Customs, DR/CR note and COA.

Quality Management

Allowing QC Lab to keep track of each batch of production – such as bursting strength, basic weight, COBB, moisture, ring crush, thickness, etc. Auto build COA for customer delivery.

Material Management

Monitor purchase, receive note, return note and inventory control. Incorporated with auto ID capabilities.

Financial Management

Fully manage entire financial operations like accounts receivable, credit control, accounts payable, cheque writer, e-Banking, sales incentive, fixed assets, tax reporting, general ledger, profit & lost, balance sheet, etc.

Executive Management

Focus on computed facts and figures to provide efficiency of competitive decisions. Includes data mining capabilities, allowing users to manage in-house reporting.


Paper Mills Business Solution

An enterprise business solutions designed specifically for paper manufacturing.
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