Retail eXpert™

Retail eXpert™

Paper Retail ERP

Retail eXpert is a revolutionary distribution and retail-end business software for books, stationeries, paper-based stationery products, paper bags and educational products. It offers a matrix of modules to build a complete enterprise distribution solution.

Retail eXpert is appropriate for distribution and retail-end business for paper products, including books, stationeries, paper-based stationery, paper bag and educational products. We have a full suite of modules to piece together your business demands for Industry 4.0.

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The retail business for paper products can be challenging if you do not have the right software.

  • Different software to run all departments with additional software to handle various tasks is confusing and challenging.
  • Too much software need specialised knowledge to run the software.
  • Training staff is a hassle when training staff for different roles.
  • Financial systems and production systems are complex. The staff can be confused about making things work without proper training.


Prestige Atlantic Asia can handle all your concerns with ease using a complete package to deal with your paper business.

  • There is a front office system that allows you to deal with orders, shipment, delivery and finances. All within one easy to operate system means less training.
  • A purchasing and inventory control, where you can monitor your operations in real-time with ease.
  • Executive information enables you to make crucial decisions and manage in-house reporting.
  • Future proof your operations with Industrial 4.0 features in the works.

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