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Making carton boxes and managing hundreds of custom-made orders each day requires a business solution that allows you to run and track each order from estimation, quotation, order, planning, manufacturing, inventory, logistics, quality defects right down to accounting.


A total integrated enterprise management software for corrugated carton manufacturers.

System Management

A centralize management control that monitors and manages from A-Z.

Sales Management

Quote and track sales orders, credit check to ensure customer creditability, analyze sales trends, capture unmet needs and quick customer dashboard service.

Cost Management

Count the costs and maximise profits.

Paper Roll Management

Monitor purchase, shipping and roll inventory. Leverage on Auto ID and miller stand automation to streamline entire roll operation. Monitor and determine roll stock re-ordering.

Material Management

Monitor purchase, receive note, return note and inventory control. Incorporated with auto ID capabilities.

Production Management

Run corrugating and converting schedules, machine integration to corrugators and converting machines. Manage FG excess, monitor machine efficiency and analyze performance.

Warehouse Management

Control FG inventory, leverage on Auto ID, keep tight control of your delivery schedule, delivery order, rejection, transport tracking, weight bridge integration, invoice, Customs and DR/CR Note.

Finance Management

Fully manage the entire financial operations like accounts receivable, credit control, accounts payable, cheque writer, e-banking, sales incentive, fixed assets, tax reporting, general ledger, profit & lost, balance sheet, etc.

Executive Management

Focus on computed facts and figures to provide efficiency of competitive decisions. Includes data mining capabilities, allowing users to manage in-house reporting.

CPS Enterprise™

ASEAN’S Best ERP Solution for Corrugated Carton

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