Corrugated Carton ERP

CPS/Enterprise is an all-new integrated IT solutions package to operate your large corrugated paper operations anywhere in the world accommodating more than 150 users.

The most demanding jobs when managing the hundreds of custom made orders are properly automated and a few clicks away to confirming orders for commencement.

When your customer's order is approved, the factory immediately goes into production and packaging with no hassles.

Industry 4.0 features like AI, Machine Automations and the use of robots and drones are constantly being refined and developed to future proof your business.

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Having a large scale operation across your business empire across the globe may seem daunting and stressful not only to you, but also the staff that have to learn so much for fulfilling customer orders.

  • It is hard to handle a mountain of orders when they have to pass through different systems and order forms to get to the manufacturing plant.
  • Different software run different systems, resulting in a complex system to run.
  • Different software handles different parts of your operations.
  • Not having AI, robots and drones to power your operations. Not knowing how to go around it.


  • Prestige Atlantic Asia has an ERP IT solutions that handle all departments, including manufacturing and monitoring your operations in real-time. All orders can be properly automated to send orders directly to the manufacturing plant for production.
  • Our IT solutions includes sales, B2B, cost, paper roll, material, production, warehouse, plant maintenance, finance and executive management systems, RF mobility system and Industry 4.0 modules.
  • You have the option to upgrade your software every other year to keep your operations up to date.
  • Prestige Atlantic Asia will continue improving software to manage your operations. Our ERP is constantly getting upgrades for Industry 4.0.

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